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United Influencers

“Efrain  Bernal  has  worked  as  a  support/content  manager for  United Influencers. Together with  the  rest  of  the  team  he  was our  first  line  support  towards  our bloggers. The profiles  contact  us  if  they  have problems  with  settings,  detects  bugs, want some  styling  advice  our  want  to  redesign  their  blog. For  this  kind  of  work you need  to  have people skills and  the  ability to  multitask.

Efrain  has  good  language  skill  and  even  if  we  work  with  profiles  from Scandinavia and  developers  across  the  world,  the  language  have  never  been  an issue.

He  is  very  effective  and  solves bugs,  design  and  other  questions  from  our profiles in good  pace  and  is really  appreciated  by  our  profiles. During  his time  at  United Influencers  he  has  developed  his  way  of  seeking tasks and  he  is  always  trying  to be  one  step  ahead  to  minimize  questions/bugs  in the  future.

He  has  been  an  appreciated  colleague and  I  can  gladly  recommend  him  for  future employers.”

Lars Englund, Project Manager

IBSA House, Britain Branch

“Throught the time Efrain has been with us, he has proved to be honest, reliable and diligent. He has taken only five sickness days during two years that he has been with us. We have no hesitation in recommending him to a future employer. We are pleased to provide these comments and hope that they are helpful to you. If you have any further enquiries regarding his suitability for future employment, please contact me on 020 8906 2211.”

Karl Snaith, Director
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