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Efraín Bernal Serra, Spanish nationality with national identity document 43562034B, resident in Badajoz (Spain).

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The content of the website belongs to the one who subscribes to the domain name (Efraín Bernal). Anyone can share and make use of the content of the website, as long as they at least give credit for their authorship and that they do not modify or change the sense of the publication. I reserve the right to modify or delete the content of the website without any notice. I am not responsible for the inappropriate use that other person may make of the publications, in external places.

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On this website there is the possibility of leaving personal data in the contact form. The website guarantees the secure transmission of data by using an SSL encryption protocol. The data requested in the contact form is exclusively intended to be able to answer the queries, requests, doubts, and comments that the User voluntarily provides on the web. This data is not stored in any database, nor is it persistent. In the case of the contact form, the user provides a name and an email through a form on the web that is responsible for collecting the data to provide it to the owner through an email. These data are exclusively intended to answer user requests. They are stored in the system for an indeterminate duration, not exceeding 6 months. The user can request the deletion of the emails where their contact information appears.

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The website has a secure SSL certificate to guarantee confidential communication in the transmission of personal data.

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